Hey everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Mom promises to try to start up again!! this is a video she took of me yesterday. Oh and subscribe to my YouTube I'd you are on YouTube! ThanksGuys. I have missed you all so much!


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hey, everybody! sorry we have been gone so long. mommy is very norty and is only getting coal for christmas this year from me for not blogging. oh and she gave me a bath today because she found a flee on me! thankfully it was the only one! but still it sucked! so then i sat by the fireplace and gave myself a groom and felt better. things have died down here, two of the pups have found new loving homes but we still have one. this is him being a pest and licking me...

and this is me in my rocking chair..its cool!

and here are some other recent pictures of your truly..

i have missed you all. mom promised me as a new years resolution she would blog and visit more! k? <3