mom, there is something very important we have to talk about! NOW!

i am getting very sad about my blog. i do not have very many friends because i never get to update or comment on anyone elses blog posts! i know we look at everyones blogs every day but they dont even know it because we dont get to comment!!!

MOM!! they did not even get to see how cute i was with my jacket with the brass buttons! you promised everyone that post and you broke your promise!

i am very disappointed in you mommy! i am going to sit on your laptop and stare at you until you update my blog!

lets see how much you like that!

Mom: okay, there you go wilfred! are you happy now???

Wilfred: No! i neeed you to post my glamour shot!

Mom: ok, here..

i am so handsome i always get what i want!

i am showing you all what a handsome mancat i am becoming...CAUTION:you might squeal or faint so brace yourself!
are you sure you are ready???
BAM! i am sexy aren't i! tomorrow i will show you all the wonderful Outfit i am wearing in this picture. it is a Genuine Generals Jacket from the southern confederate army!
haha, not really, but it is still handsome on me!


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guess what everybody?!? i am getting a package all the way from New Zeaeland! I won Poppy Q's contest so she is sending me a package. i am so excited. i will let you all know when it comes.
mommy has not had time to take pictures of me so i wanted to post a older one that is from when i was a wee little kitty. i am huge now(at least my mom says so) ..hope you like it! i had some crazy ear hair goin on. i must have just woken up and have bed head. MOL!

i think tilly is a vampire!

mom and dad are both sick with the flu! they do not play with me like at all! it makes me sad. i hope they get better soon. i have been cuddling them and purring for them alot. here is a picture showing how mad i am that they do not feel good!

mom says sorry she has not blogged much but she got moved to a different dept. at work and doesnt have time anymore. maybe we can just be weekend bloggers.
we love you all very much though and are sorry that we dont post as often. i know you miss seeing my grumpy face!