Hey everyone, i was thinking about how cool sectional sofas were. mom and dad just have a stupid couch and loveseat but i think they should upgrade to something like this that is just my opinion.anyways, that link up there is a great site with lots of cool sofas and such. also they have aawesome pet furniture site we are thinking about either getting this or if Daddy will let us spend the money then maybe this mason wants this we will see what we get and then once it gets here we are going to review it!! yay. ok now here is a video for all of you..your welcome

I'm Back!

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hey! Sorry everyone that i have been MIA. one of the puppies has got BD eyes and chewed through moms computer charger so mom has not been able to upload any photos or do any posts. her new charger will be here on friday. also we have some product reviews to do soon and some other cool stuff in the works! YAY! we do miss you all and cant wait to be back to blogging very soon!
thanks for still being my friend even though there are no recent pictures of me! :)

here is a example of the BD eyes:

it is also explained in a earlier post:
and also again here:
pretty much all dogs have these..sorry for any woofies i offended but you all do like to get into trouble

i am in the quarter finals for Kitty fight club!! go vote! thanks!

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