edit: mom here- i just wanted to say that this is not really Wilfred being mean, it's just the way he plays with them, i have been trying to capture him doing it but never could so i thought i would "re-create" it by pushing the pups at wilfred, it looks like they are scared but usally they like it, ok. i feel better now, i was worried that everyone would think their was puppy abuse going on. haha.
oh and also i am going to do my best to try and help wilfred blog every day now! i finally have a camera and a computer so i am set!

Get it off! NOWWWWW!

not cool mommy, not cool!

Iz Good, Srsly! (as whitey would say)


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i have my own e-mail now!!! its so exciting. you can send me mail if you want :)
its grumpywilfred@gmail.com
k, cool thx.

and now for a pic for your viewing pleasures..

hey! so my mom doesnt have any new pics of me, i have been feeling under the weather! i have had the ...m..what do we call them, runnies! it has not been fun, i am starting to feel better and she knows i never felt real bad because i was a total sweetie which made cleaning the carpet after my accidents a little easier. we are sorry for not blogging more. moms camera is broken and she has to buy a new one, then we will do better.

love you all! and thanks for my b-day comments!!!

i am now a real mancat! for my birthday i want to give you all a present! pictures of me being majestic!

i also want to send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brudder Melvin! he is the best! have fun being a mancat buddy!!!


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Biggify for tounge bristles!!

i had to have a bath on saturday cuz mom thought i smelled like poo! it was horid! this is me being discusted afterwards!
ps- a little while later i cuddled mom on the couch for several hours (which i never do) and she was so happ that she told me she was gonna give me a bath everyday if i would be that sweet! see if i cuddle her again!

mom and dad came home saturday to find me batting this poor mousie all around the house. it was so fun. this is the second mouse mom has found me with. she saved the first one but this one was not so lucky..
ps the mice are going crazy in GA because we have been having tons of rain. they are getting in everywhere! i dont mind them coming in my house! they are fun!