Today I am VERY upset! My mommy came home and I was having a NICE time and then daddy called and asked her to LEAVE! Mommy took my big brother Mason who is a GOOD DOG with her.

That is Mason! He is my BEST friend who is not my mommy or my daddy! He protects my food from the other dogs because he is my FRIEND. Mommy took Mason with her and left me with the two BAD DOGS. My sister Tilly and her puppy who is grown up and staying with us were left out, even though DADDY says that the rules say they HAVE to be PUT UP! I can tell Jasper is a BAD BAD dog because he has what my daddy calls BD EYES. I don't know what BD eyes means, but I think it means BAD DOG, do you know? Here is a picture of Jasper:
See how guilty he looks! Here is a closer up picture:

You can SEE the guilt in his BD EYES!

So while mommy and daddy were gone Jasper and my sister Tilly did something VERY VERY VERY BAD, and hurtful to my KITTY HEART!

They decided to be BAD DOGS and STEAL my TEMPTATIONS and eat ALL of them. I am very very upset and this is probably the most bad Friday EVER. I am so glad that tomorrow is CATURDAY. I told Mason he can be a cat for Caturday too, but NOT Tilly and Jasper because I DO NOT like them. I am going in my KIT TENT and not coming out until tomorrow!

Today I am feeling very unhappy becuz no one will FEED ME! I do get food but it is NOT nice and gourmet foods like a purrrfect Purrsian deserves! I am thinking that I could get a JOB at a French Bistro tomorrow and maybe just steal the SOUP because I am a MISCHIEF CAT. MISCHIEF CATS are very very in trouble when they get caught said my daddy! Will someone please send me some GOOD food? See my picture below and HELP my poor TUMMY!

First POST

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hi everybody! my name is Wilfred. this is my first blog ever and i am not that good at it yet so just bare with me. i will have some very cool post soon of all my adventures. i live with my mommy, daddy, my Brother Mason and my Sister Tilly. there is also a bird upstairs but i am not allowed to play with it..yet. maybe one day i can talk them into it. i think i could be very sweet. sometimes they let me watch her and she says hey sunshine alot which i think is weird because that is her name. why is she telling herself Hey?? she is a weird bird...anyways this blog is all about me so be my friend and enjoy my adventure through life as a grumpy Persian! :)