here is my christmas card! hope everyone is having a happy holiday!!

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SO, dad was supposed to be making our e-card since mom has not gotten her computer due to malls being to crowded this time of the year and guess what..he has not finished it yet. sorry if you cats have been sitting by your computer with your e-mail on waiting for it but it will hopefull go out tomorrow morning or tonight.

hopefully this will tide you over until then...

this is your last chance to give me your e-mail for a christmas card!!!

they will be going out tomorrow(hopefully)

sorry we have not been blogging should be getting a computer soon and then we can blog more and have pictures other than cell phone ones!

here is me being cute to help you all be happy on this monday before christmas..

i am cleanin' my paw REAL HARD! incase you couldn't tell what was going on due to the fact that there is so much floof in the picture!

today i got to go to work with Dad at the Farm!

there have been mice spotted in his office and he was hoping i would take care of them..

i watched but they never came, i guess they were hiding from me

i love riding in the car. this is Dads new car BTW, its is a Muscle Car. its pretty cool i guess.

we had a great day today after i stopped hiding behind the washing machine. i hung out with everyone and got lots of scritches!
i hid and waited in closets and stuff so i could sneak and catch a mousie but they never came out!!
now i am on my way to mom's work so i can say hey to everyone there!!
what a exciting day!!!!


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i am getting floofier, and mom is getting more allergic-er! i sleep next to her face all night and she wakes up sneezing every morning. she says it is worth it though.

i kinda feel bad for her...but i am not going anywhere!!

Click here to watch a video of Mitzi and Jasper's First Birthday Featuring Tilly Mason & Wilfred

ps- i think tilly might be expecting!

ps- after this photo was taken i kept whapping her(very lightly i might add) and she got mad and crawled out of her towel and BIT mommy! it was not nice!


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i forgot to post the pictures from me opening my present yesterday, so here they are!
sorry for the poor quality, we are still having to use mom's cell phone to take the pics!
...but not for long :)

wow, we are overwhelmed at how nice everyone has been to us during this difficult time! it has made us so happy to know that there are good people out there! i want to first thank everyone who has donated over at Melvin's Blog! hopefully i will be able to get a laptop with the money from that! also i wanted to tell you all about a very generous lady Robin K that bought a camera for my mom so that she can take pictures of me again! she saw the post about what happened at melvins blog and wanted to do something to help. it made mom very very happy that someone we dont even know would do something so nice for us!! these are her two cute kitties OJ & Trouble

they are cuties!

anyways, things are looking up at our house, who know mom may even get into christmas and decorate. she said she wasnt going to but all of this generosity has made her heart mooshy!

oh and one more thing! we got a package from the Kool Kitty Crew and mom took a picture of me with it! it was a great suprise!!

Mom! i am waiting patiently in my chair at the table for my Breakfast!!!

mom, where are you?!?! i am getting grumpy!!!


mom loves to look at my teeth, i hate it..she decided to take a picture of them so she can look at them whenever she wants!
good idea mommy!


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OK, so first off i want to say sorry for the crap of a post that was done last night. the only assistant of mine that has a computer at this time is Daddy and he does not feel the need to take the time to do good blog posts for me. the video is really cute though i recommend that you watch it if you have time! mom says she is working on trying to get a new computer and camera but it is just taking some time! also i wanted to let everyone know that in light of the recent burglary at our house we are tight on money and can not send out Christmas cards this year but we will still send out a card through e-mail to everyone! so leave your e-mail addresses in a comment and we will put you on our list. we have already started taking some pictures for it and it is going to be adorable, i promise! if you would like to send us a card you can but we still want to send you one either way so please give us your e-mail!!

thanks everyone for baring with us during this rough spot in our lives!

hope everyone is having a nice holiday season!

and now 2 baby pictures for your enjoyment...

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click here to caption this


we got a crazy lock installed on the back door and tomorrow the men are coming out and installing a security system and cameras on the back that will be linked to our internets! that way we can catch these punks in the act!
we do not eff around! they stole from the wrong Kitteh!
if we had of been home when they did it they would be deaded!
just sayin..

so yesterday something very bad happened while mom and dad were at work! i was very very scairt! some bad men broke into our house and stoled our stuff! they got our PS3, my moms laptop and camera(with the memory card full of pictures of me),a video camera, my dads hand gun! and lots of other stuff! mom was just glad they did not take me! her and dad are very mad! i was just really scairt all night and did not act myself. tilly seemed traumatized as well. we hope this guy gets caught! it is not fair that while mom and dad are at their REAL jobs making green monies that these bad people just steal stuff to make money. we are all very sad but we are doing ok. i just wanted to let you all know that i might not be blogging for a while since mom doesnt habe a computer or phone. i will try to keep you updated on if these bad people get found!


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So Today's post is all about Dogs. i will turn the blog over to mom to talk about the Puppy predicament she is in! oh and before i go i just wanted to tell everyone that one of my pictures is on icanhazcheezburger! here is the link

check it out! k now here is mommy.

hello there, this is Mom Audrey. today is the one year birthday of Tilly and Mason's first litter of puppies, Mitzi and Jasper. we are having a birthday party tonight and i will post pictures from it soon. i also have 2 Wilfred related posts that need to be put up but i have not had the time. hopefully soon! anyways so here is the Deal, Tilly loves having puppies..or at least i think she does and i decided after last time i would not get either of them fixed until i was POSITIVE that i did not want any more pups. well its that time again, we skipped one heat because that is the best way to do it and now she is in heat again. the last litters puppies all went to Family which i felt really good about but i can not be positive that this litter would go to all family and friends. i am not doing this to make a profit it is just such a wonderful thing to experience and i would really like to do it once more before getting the dogs fixed. i would really like all of your opinions on the subject and if anyone would be interested in getting one of the puppies if i decided to do it! i would go out of my way if i could give one to a blogger! we have a few more days before she will be ready so hopefully you all can help me make a decision before then!

this is Mitzi, She might help you make up your mind.

thanks for your suggestions ahead of time!


i also got some cool things in my parcel from her, i will show you tomorrow! my favorite part by far was kissing her cute face!

i saw harley do his post about cold and flu season so i decided to model with my mom's favorite kind of tissues, the Vicks Ones!

use lots of hand sanitizers everybuddy!

this weekend mom and dad's friends came over, they have a meezer named Dylan! they brought him so that he could become friends with us!

first mom got out the nip to try and make me a little less grumpy!

i had fun with that part!

this is Dylan, mom gave him my special box to hide in (with some nip in it!!!) until he was ready to play

Tilly tried to be patient until he was ready but she was so excited to meet a new friend!

well i stayed grupy most of the night but there was not too much hissing and growling and no swatting so i think we did pretty good! tilly and him had alot of fun chasing each other around!! they are Def. friends. me and Dylan, we have a love hate relasionship!
mom thinks he is really cute, it makes me jealous!

mommy thinks it was pretty sucessful seeing as i am very mean to most cats!

wait a minute! i am not cute! i am a grumpy ferocious mancat! DUH! i tricked you didn't i!?!

Mommy loves my tosies and my toehawks. they are very big and manly if you ask me!

mom, there is something very important we have to talk about! NOW!

i am getting very sad about my blog. i do not have very many friends because i never get to update or comment on anyone elses blog posts! i know we look at everyones blogs every day but they dont even know it because we dont get to comment!!!

MOM!! they did not even get to see how cute i was with my jacket with the brass buttons! you promised everyone that post and you broke your promise!

i am very disappointed in you mommy! i am going to sit on your laptop and stare at you until you update my blog!

lets see how much you like that!

Mom: okay, there you go wilfred! are you happy now???

Wilfred: No! i neeed you to post my glamour shot!

Mom: ok, here..

i am so handsome i always get what i want!

i am showing you all what a handsome mancat i am becoming...CAUTION:you might squeal or faint so brace yourself!
are you sure you are ready???
BAM! i am sexy aren't i! tomorrow i will show you all the wonderful Outfit i am wearing in this picture. it is a Genuine Generals Jacket from the southern confederate army!
haha, not really, but it is still handsome on me!


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guess what everybody?!? i am getting a package all the way from New Zeaeland! I won Poppy Q's contest so she is sending me a package. i am so excited. i will let you all know when it comes.
mommy has not had time to take pictures of me so i wanted to post a older one that is from when i was a wee little kitty. i am huge now(at least my mom says so) ..hope you like it! i had some crazy ear hair goin on. i must have just woken up and have bed head. MOL!

i think tilly is a vampire!

mom and dad are both sick with the flu! they do not play with me like at all! it makes me sad. i hope they get better soon. i have been cuddling them and purring for them alot. here is a picture showing how mad i am that they do not feel good!

mom says sorry she has not blogged much but she got moved to a different dept. at work and doesnt have time anymore. maybe we can just be weekend bloggers.
we love you all very much though and are sorry that we dont post as often. i know you miss seeing my grumpy face!

you may have to biggify to see my dirty mouth! i am making a funny face. it makes mommy laugh!