hey, its mom Audrey here. i know what you have all been waiting for....here you go...

the little white one is a girl the other two are the boys

according to their weight and what i have read on the internet they will only be around 3 lbs full grown! these are some very tiny babies! we took them to the vet yesterday and they all passed their health check and are doing great ang gaining weight like they are supposed to be!

Tilly is a great mother and i know she loves having them!
mason is a proud Papa!

and uncle wilfred is trying to watch from a distance to keep Tilly happy!

ps- i bought wilfred some weight control food and did not tell him that he is on a D.i.e.t. is that mean? shh, dont tell him!


Tilly had her pupz today! There are 3 healthy and beautiful babies, and I am VERY nosey to see them. Here you can see me peeking with my razor beams

tilly is getting a big ol' belleh! she is so heavy for mom to pick up! she is a whiney baby if anyone tries to touch her tummy. she is a silly dog.
we are expecting the puppies to arrive next weekend! we are all very excited at our house!

so as you may know my brofur Melvin was on Cute overload and they nicknamed him Cranky McCrankersons, i loved that sunbeams made him a grump so i tried it out..

what do you all think? am i grumpier in a sunbeam?





here is a link to his post if you did not see it http://cuteoverload.com/2009/07/28/the-light-the-liiiiight/

..it was a while back but its still a good one!
ps- sorry i have not been posting very often, mom has been busy with work and has no time. i love you all though and still read your posts even if i dont comment!! <3

So I hiss at her!

But Daddy decided to make it better