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hey, everybody! sorry we have been gone so long. mommy is very norty and is only getting coal for christmas this year from me for not blogging. oh and she gave me a bath today because she found a flee on me! thankfully it was the only one! but still it sucked! so then i sat by the fireplace and gave myself a groom and felt better. things have died down here, two of the pups have found new loving homes but we still have one. this is him being a pest and licking me...

and this is me in my rocking chair..its cool!

and here are some other recent pictures of your truly..

i have missed you all. mom promised me as a new years resolution she would blog and visit more! k? <3

this is my cool secret hideout! NO PUPS ALLOWED!!

this makes them sad...

guess what? see if i care?? i need my peace and quiet!!

Hey everyone, i was thinking about how cool sectional sofas were. mom and dad just have a stupid couch and loveseat but i think they should upgrade to something like this that is just my opinion.anyways, that link up there is a great site with lots of cool sofas and such. also they have aawesome pet furniture site we are thinking about either getting this or if Daddy will let us spend the money then maybe this mason wants this we will see what we get and then once it gets here we are going to review it!! yay. ok now here is a video for all of you..your welcome

I'm Back!

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hey! Sorry everyone that i have been MIA. one of the puppies has got BD eyes and chewed through moms computer charger so mom has not been able to upload any photos or do any posts. her new charger will be here on friday. also we have some product reviews to do soon and some other cool stuff in the works! YAY! we do miss you all and cant wait to be back to blogging very soon!
thanks for still being my friend even though there are no recent pictures of me! :)

here is a example of the BD eyes:

it is also explained in a earlier post:
and also again here:
pretty much all dogs have these..sorry for any woofies i offended but you all do like to get into trouble

i am in the quarter finals for Kitty fight club!! go vote! thanks!

Poll: Lola vs Wilfred - Who's the cutest?

for this special occasion i thought i would do some extreme sports...this always makes mommeh verrry nervous! she says that i am not as gracful as some other cats because i am bigger but i say i can still walk on the second story balcony and not fall off, i even run along it sometimes!!


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first of all i would like to let all of you know that i am now famous!
Cute with Chris

..yeah, i was on cute with chris, no big deal or anything! :)

and second don't forget to vore for me in kitty fight club tomorrow


2 things

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1. mom misses when i was this tiny, why cant we stay kittens forever? i got everything i wanted back then! :(

2. mom hopes this weekend will be as nice as last and Mason can eat ice cubes in the back yard again.

hope you all have a great easter!

oh and some people asked what the pups names were, the parti colored boy is Cow, the tan boy is Skuttles and the white one is a girl and her name is bell/belly.

edit: mom here- i just wanted to say that this is not really Wilfred being mean, it's just the way he plays with them, i have been trying to capture him doing it but never could so i thought i would "re-create" it by pushing the pups at wilfred, it looks like they are scared but usally they like it, ok. i feel better now, i was worried that everyone would think their was puppy abuse going on. haha.
oh and also i am going to do my best to try and help wilfred blog every day now! i finally have a camera and a computer so i am set!

Get it off! NOWWWWW!

not cool mommy, not cool!

Iz Good, Srsly! (as whitey would say)


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i have my own e-mail now!!! its so exciting. you can send me mail if you want :)
its grumpywilfred@gmail.com
k, cool thx.

and now for a pic for your viewing pleasures..

hey! so my mom doesnt have any new pics of me, i have been feeling under the weather! i have had the ...m..what do we call them, runnies! it has not been fun, i am starting to feel better and she knows i never felt real bad because i was a total sweetie which made cleaning the carpet after my accidents a little easier. we are sorry for not blogging more. moms camera is broken and she has to buy a new one, then we will do better.

love you all! and thanks for my b-day comments!!!

i am now a real mancat! for my birthday i want to give you all a present! pictures of me being majestic!

i also want to send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brudder Melvin! he is the best! have fun being a mancat buddy!!!