this is a video my dady made. it is a little bit funny. i was Enjoying some of the nip and my mom decided to video me. it made me a little grumpy.

hope everyone has a great weekend!

so last night me, mommy and daddy were over at grandmaws visiting her and Mitzi(i will show you her later, she is Jaspers sister!) and we went into the Garage and there was a Black Widow spider!!!! my mom HATES spiders so she wouldnt go near it and its sack of babies! my dad was brave and burned it up with some Wd40 and a lighter. haha! but then we went back in the house and my mom picked me up to leave and guess what she found? while we were in the garage i had found another spider adn captured it along with its entire web ON MY FACE! i was trying to Nom the spider when she realized. she threw me down and made daddy kill the spider before i ate it and then she got the web off my face and we left. it was not very fun because i wanted to eat the spider really bad.

oh well.
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UPDATE: Comments are Fixed. YAY!

Hey everyone! the Comments are not working on the blog right now. this makes me grumpy/sad.

i have contacted Mouchois reguarding this matter and hopefully the situation will be rectified ASAP!

today i am sleeping in but look at my new blog layout made by Melvin's mommy! isn't it awesome!?!?

hope you are all having a easy monday morning!

xoxo- Wilfred

today i am letting mason do the post because it is his birthday! he is 3 this year. we did not do a post for tilly's b-day because she didn't deserve it. she did not get anything either. ok, here is Mason.
HELLO EVERYONE! for my birthday this year i got a cheeto! yum, someone tried to take it from me, i am not naming any names but you could probably guess who it was. i had to show them my growly face!

sometimes i let kids hold me like a baby but most of the time i just growl at them and bark!

one time mommy took me to the beach on Tybee Island. i didn't really like it.

ok, that is all. i will c you all later.
wilfred thanks for letting me have the blog 4 my b-day. you are a good brudder. excuse me mommy but i have still not been fed. this is Unacceptable! i am running away from home. who wants me to come stay with them??

ps- i think i look a little bit like poppy Q in this picture. she is a beautiful kitty. i would like for her to be my girlfriend.


this sucks!

well today's post is dedicated to Mason because his birthday is sometime this week! my mom has to look at his papers to remember which day it is. hey mom, why don't i have papers?? hmm.. anyways, i am not too excited about posting about mason because he locked me in the bathroom a couple weeks ago, but the cool thing is that he entered a contest where he could win some monies and he said he would share it with me so that i why i am posting this!! here is the link to go vote. you can vote once every 24 hours!! please go vote for him, kthx. here are some other pictures of him. tell us if you think any of them are cuter than the one she submitted and we can change it! thanks!!

this is the one she submitted:

other ones that she likes:

or maybe you think tilly is cuter?? but i have to remind you that she is a BAD DOG!

i will probably update with some pictures of me soon. i got a package from winning a contest from Romeo and my mom bought me some cool new stuff she just has not had time to take pictures of me and do a post. so sorry everyone!!
but go vote for mason and if he wins lots of monies i will send each person that voted for him a Present!!!

alright, c ya'll



zzzz....teehee....i am sleeping ALL day long b/c I am a LAZY CAT