you may have to biggify to see my dirty mouth! i am making a funny face. it makes mommy laugh!

For moms birthday i got her a Daisy card because she was so jealous of the one i got!granny helped me to make it on line so i cold make it personalized! she liked it alot!!!!!!! here are some pictures of me with the card. :)

Sorry we didn't update before now! This is what we did on Thursday:

Tomorrow we will post on when Moo and Baa went to work with Mommy :) But its time for us to send Moo and Baa off so who would like to have them visit next? First comment gets 'em

today Moo and Baa went to work with Daddy! he works for a construction company in a office that is also a farm! here they are meeting the horses!

they werevery nice

then they got to meet the chickens!!!!

they walked up the stairs to the coop

the chicken here is my mommy's. she got it for easter and it was pink!!!

walking up...

then we got to ride the scooter that was in the barn..
well pretend at least..

they were tired after that so they just rested this evening! theywe had such an exciting day, i haven't even gotten to go to work with daddy yet!!!
tomorrow they get to meet Sunshine (our bird)!!

so today me and Moo and Baa just layed around and relaxed. they made me feel alot better from my surgery since i am off of the pain medicine right now!

i let tilly have Baa for a few minutes because she loves him so much!

she layed on the couch with him...

then she posed with both of them

then she got too rough with Baa so i had to cut in

i saved him!

then i let mason sit with them for a while because i knew he would be good

we had a nice relaxing day! who knows what we will be up to tomorrow?

Moo and Baa got here yesterday but daddy did not bother to tell me until today. he says he forgot!!! so anyways i took pictures of me opening it! there were so many presents for me in there which was a total suprise! i got toys treats and some of the nommy fancy feast appetizers! tilly loves Baa and has been playing with him and squeeking him. i told mom she is not supposed to play with them so she took it away from tilly. we also got a DAISY CARD it was such a great suprise especially for mom! she also got a present that mason posed with at the end of the video. we are submitting the pictures to CO and hoping they publish them! THANKS SO MUCH TO THE HOUSE OF CATS! WE LOVE EVERYTHING YOU GAVE US! AND WE ARE GONNA HAVE A GREAT WEEK WITH MOO AND BAA!

so, yesterday my mom picked me up and the lady who helped the vet said i was very sweet! my mom saw me and i was all wobbly in my cage. i was like a weeble! she took me to the car and i kept head butting the cage door because i wanted to see her BAD! i was doing it really hard and mom was worried that i would get a HEADACHE so she let me out and i was squirmy but more or less happy for the rest of the ride home.
then when we got home she let me walk around, or should i say TRY to walk around! i did not drink or eat much last night but i did eat a few temptations. one thing my mom was suprised at was how hissy and growly i was, i was not the sweet purring loving cat i usually am. oh wait i wasnt supposed to tell you that! but for once i was actually REALLY grumpy! she did not get mad at me though. tilly got out for a minute and wanted to play and i was all hissy and growly at her too!!! i did NOT feel like playing! finally around ten i got my pain medicine and then i felt a bit better and went to bed. this morning my mom checked on me at 5 and then when she woke back up she got me out and i was Thirsty and drank alot of water and ate some then she gave me some temptations which i was more excited than ever to get. i was rubbing all on the treat bag adn head butting everything. she snuck my pain medicine in between temptations and i just swallowed it whole! last night it was quite the ordeal to get me to eat it! she said i was acting real normal this morning so she left me out while she went to work! yay. she is hoping this was not a bad idea and nothing happens to me. she figured i would just sleep most of the day anyways.
so that is it. also i just found out that my daddy wrecked his cobra this morning. a car not a snake. he is mostly ok but he said his car is not. this is not a good way to start the weekend! mommy wants to go see him but is staying at work because he is not bad hurt. he doesnt have to go to the hospital or anything.

thanks for all of your purrs for my surgery. it was a sucess and i am not Hoo-haa-less! Yay. i do hope it does not make me less of a mancat in training?

YAY! i am back! sorry that it has been so long since i updated. i will try and do better(Hint Hint Daddy) he is the only one with a computer at home! so something scary is happening today! i am having my man parts removed! i do not know why they have to do this but mommy said it had to happen sometime! i didnt get to eat or drink anything since last night at 10. i was so grumpy this morning and was whining for some water but mom did not give me ANY! she is mean. everyone kept saying i was beautiful when i went to the vet :) this helped my feelings a little. i was a very brave boy and did not act scurred at all! please purr and pray that everything goes ok. my mom is a little bit worried. she is picking me up at 5:30 and will update on how i am tonight!

i made a video of me playing trackball while in my tent, it is very neat!

also, Moo And Baa are coming to my house! i am so excited! i think they are gonna have a great time in GA!