Im going to give you a fair warning, the following pictures may cause you to screech or fall into a cute coma..

this is mom holding me when she first got me...

and this is her holding me last month!
mom..i have only gotten more floofy, i am still your tiny baby..
sorda :(
ps- mom said how the heck did i get so big??? she thought she was going to have a little cat!!! she still loves me though! :)

it snowed in Georgia! it was very was all melted by the next day though, ha!

now you can watch the puppies all day and in the evenings too!!

here is the link.


it was a epic fail. maybe i will do better next time..

mom has a great friend that gave her a bunch of her old clothes, she brought the bag in and started looking through it and i thought they were all for me! i jumped in the bag and would not get out!
Go away!

we are all very tired from being on Puppy duty!

Granny Terie is gonna take them for the rest of the week to give me a break! Tilly will not play with me and is all growly when i come near and if mom gives me a pup to sniff and look at i back away like a scaredycat!
mom hopes that i will play with the pups once they are hopping around everywhere! ..we will see!