so i am making my mom do the mom meme because everyother cat mom has done it. she thinks that she is too boring but i dont think so. if you just want a see a picture of me scroll all the way down!

Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.

i guess i will do seven facts and pictures since i do not have any child pictures.

here i am doing a photoshoot with my husband who is a photographer. he takes most of the wilfred pictures.

this is his website

here are facts:

1. i work in the Medical Field for a finance company called Unalisys here is a link to our Website

2. i have 3 weeks of cosmotology school left. i am going at night and on saturdays. then i will do hair at home on the side while i continue to work at Unalisys. my school is Aveda Institute of Atlanta, its 1 hour away from Newnan where i live. the drive SUCKS!

3. i love animals of all kinds and would have 100 if i could! i was not allowed to have any growing up because 1-my mom was allergic to cats 2-we had a dog when i was little and it always bit me and tore up the house so we had to get rid of it. so i guess i kinda went a little crazy when i moved out. i have had 2 dogs(mason and tilly) then i got a chinchilla, a bird for Gavin, a iguana which ran away while it was on its leash outside. and a bunny. the last edition to the family was Wilfred and i did not really think i was a cat person until i got him! now i LOVEEEE cats. i almost like him better than the dogs. Shhh dont tell!

4. when i was really little i wanted to be an ice skater but soon realized that wouldnt happen seeing as i live in GA and we didnt have any rinks close by. My DREAM JOB would be a marine biologist and i would want to work at Miami seaquarium and be a dolphin trainer! but i did not want to go to school that long because i hate school!

5. My husband and i went to the same church since we were very little and we got married on the beach in destin December 22 of 2006. it was perfect! i had a Vera Wang dress and bare feet. it was priceless!

6. i don't want kids. i like them but only to play with and would not enjoy having to raise one. my husband shares this opinion on the subject which is good. i just like having animals instead.

7. i am probably one of the youngest cat blog moms. i am only 20 and i will be turning 21 on september 22 and am soooo excited! oh and yes, i got married when i was 18. haha

hope this wasnt completly boring. wilfred is alot more exciting i know!!

I am SO grumpy because my BROTHER locked me in the bathroom this morning and STOLE my blog! Daddy said that mason is GROUNDED from the computer for a FULL WEEK!

Hello peoplez! Thank you for dropping by "MASONZ MAD 'MAZING WORLD!" I am the most 'popular blogger EVER!!!!!1!! Today I want to show yew sum very nice things that you can get presents for me!

The first is fresh bacon!

The next is a scuba gear set!

That is all for now!

here is my Paw It Foward package. i did not know why it was taped so that i had to wait for mommy to open in. she was very slow...

it smells good. wonder what is inside?!?!

MOMMY!! Hurry up with those scissors!!!!!!!

all i see is newspaper...where are my toys and treats. this was a rip off!!

I want a refund!

oh! my present is UNDERNEATH the newspaper! DUH!
thanks Mommy.

Here is everything i got.
now my mommy says i have to give other cats presents, i dont understand why i can't always be the one getting presents. maybe it is because i am an only cat. i am spoiled and do not like sharing.

let me know, in my comments, if you want a special package from me and my mommy. she says that we do not have alot of moneys so we might not be able to do 3. maybe just two. she is not playing by the rules AT ALL!

Thanks Skeeter, Pandora, King, And their mommy for my wonderful package.

PS- i am sopposed to be getting another package tomorrow so i will be watching for the man to bring it and then i will show you all what it is. it is from a very FAMOUS CelebCat. you should be VERY axious to see what i am getting!! i am soooo Excited. i am not even grumpy right now!!!!!!

I got a VERY special package today from my FRIENDS in the Kool Kittie-Krew and it had the 'nip in it! I will show you all me getting into my PACKAGE later, because for now I am going CRAZY

hello, today i am modeling a fashion that is not very confortable.

it is a tye and it says chick magnet. that is what i am i guess

please dont pay attention to the fact that i do not have amazing ear tufts like Melvin. i am insecure about it..

this is a close up. also you can see my nose real good. this is one of my modeling techniques. it is very prosh. i should be in GQ

wearing this tye is making me grumpy..take it off mommy!!

Thank you! i feel better. wait no.i am not better, i need a TEMPTATION! NOWWWW!
hurry mommy get it in my mouth!

i am starving here!!!!!

whew, thanks. now i am all good inside.

hope you like my tye i will probably not ever wear it again because it is UNCONFORTABLE.

Today I have a VERY scary and VERY real story to tell you! I have made it into a comic story so you can see what happened STEP BY STEP:

I know that its Caturday but at my house its TATTLETALE TUESDAY right now, and I am VERY UPSET
Mason doesn't care though, he says it was a FUNNY thing to do, but I say it was NOT:

All of this has very much made me UPSET and I think I will wait for him to be asleep and put his toys in my LITTER BOX because I am a SNEAKY PETE cat. Here you can see me being a SCHEMING CAT

Everyone says that I am soooo cute, but I am NOT cute! I am a very big ferocious and untame MANCAT grumpster! I will EAT you

hello eveybuddy. sorry tht i have not posted. my daddy wont let me use his computer. this is a picture of me on the night that my mommy got me. i was so tiny but my mom did not know i was too young to come home because she has never gotten a kitty before. my sister was still not weened when we came to live in our forever homes. you can see a little bit of my sister in the corner. her name is snickers and she is a tortie. she has a really smooshy face but i dont. i dont really like her that much. she makes me mad. she lives next door but we do not play that often. my mommy and her friend drove four hours (each way) to get me! the person they got me from could not speak very good english so my mommy got to take me even though she hadn't brought any money. i loved ehr from the second i saw her. we played this game on the way home where i would be in her lap and say "meow" and she would say "meow" we did this pretty much the whole way home over and over. i would get really excited after a few times and pounce at her head. i scratched her alot the first few days but she says she forgives me.
i will post again with something cooler probably tomorrow because mommy and daddy are on staycation. yayay!!!