for this special occasion i thought i would do some extreme sports...this always makes mommeh verrry nervous! she says that i am not as gracful as some other cats because i am bigger but i say i can still walk on the second story balcony and not fall off, i even run along it sometimes!!


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first of all i would like to let all of you know that i am now famous!
Cute with Chris

..yeah, i was on cute with chris, no big deal or anything! :)

and second don't forget to vore for me in kitty fight club tomorrow

2 things

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1. mom misses when i was this tiny, why cant we stay kittens forever? i got everything i wanted back then! :(

2. mom hopes this weekend will be as nice as last and Mason can eat ice cubes in the back yard again.

hope you all have a great easter!

oh and some people asked what the pups names were, the parti colored boy is Cow, the tan boy is Skuttles and the white one is a girl and her name is bell/belly.